• Image of Koura Kids Honey  - Manuka MG30+  "Make a Wish"

Koura Kids Honey is specially formulated and designed for kids over 1 year old to enjoy.

Manuka MG30+ : 100% NZ Natural Honey
Honey Source: Koura kids honey is collected from 'Leptospermum scoparium' - an unique Manuka flower that is found only in NZ, It is also known as NZ tea tree. The honey nectar is collected in the Eastern part of North Island near Gisborne.
Health Benefits: Containing lab certified 'methylglyoxal' (MG 30+) active antibacterial components. It is scientifically proven to fight the bacteria associated with sore throats and colds. Other health Benefit also includes; Aid digestion, nutrient absorption and energy boost.
Tasting Note : coconut, woody, nutty notes.
Flavours: complex, chewy, rich toffee and caramel flavours.