Koura meaning 'Gold' in the native Maori language of NZ.

Koura is a 'Honey' inspired Premium & Pure NZ health and lifestyle Brand. The essence of every single product is NZ 'Manuka' Honey, which is unique to NZ and known for its powerful healing property.   

Vision - The essence of the brand is to incorporate premium natural 'Honey', especially 'Manuka Honey' alone with other local ingredients of NZ into everyday health & beauty products, to create a better healthier and better lifestyle .

Mission - To reveal the power of NZ natural ingredients in health and beauty products, especially 'Manuka Honey'.

Value - We take pride in our range of 'pure NZ' product, as every single one is made from local and natural ingredients with the emphasis of 'Manuka Honey'.  

We also takes pride in our unique design on both products and packaging. we work with local artist to encapsulate and embody the essences of NZ.

Koura is owned by EOS Lifestyle Limited, a NZ based company that specialises in trading and wholesaling premium NZ lifestyle goods.