A Jar Of Nature

Koura meaning 'Gold' in the native Maori language of NZ.
Koura is a premium honey brand from Kaikoura, a costal town 189km North of Christchurch. We are proudly NZ owned and operated honey specialist since 2013. We teamed up with the local certified beekeepers to ensure the authenticity and quality of our honey.

We specialise in the following honey varieties: Manuka Honey, MG30+, MG100+ & MG250+, Kids Manuka Honey MG30+, Kids Honey Multi-Floral.

Each batch of our Manuka Honey range has been tested for the level of methylglyoxal - MG, Non-peroxide Activity - NPA and Dihydroxyacetone - DHA, in order to determine the level of Manuka Activity.

We takes pride in our unique packaging design. We work with local artist to encapsulate the essences of NZ.   

Koura is owned by EOS Lifestyle Limited, a NZ based company that specialises in trading and wholesaling premium NZ lifestyle goods.